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Hey Wild Woman! Have you ever created a vision board before? Set your intentions to something? Felt the passion burning for something new? And then year after year nothing really happens? You're not alone! While pretty dream boards are fun to make, no one wants to just stare at their dreams all year and not see them come to life, am I right?!


What if there was a science behind creating a vision board that actually manifested? Well there is! There is a reason why so many people create a vision board, set a goal, and then.... nothing happens! With a few simple techniques and taping into the power of your mind, you could be shifting gears from wishing and dreaming to seeing and believing!


Join Wild Women Outdoors and Women's Wellness Coach, Kelsey Bailey, for a night of vision board creation! Kelsey will walk us through; "How to activate your vision board using the power of your mind” and “How to bring your dreams to reality faster"! Kelsey will also teach us how to create a vision board that is aligned with our authentic Wild Woman self; one that not only looks good on the outside but feels good on the inside!


*All supplies are included with registration. We encourage you to bring specific images printed out. Light refreshments will be offered.


When: Thursday December 28th

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Helena, MT

Cost: $15 (Annual Members Free / Monthly Memberships will resume in January)


18+ to register

2024 Vision Board Workshop- Helena

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