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This month’s Full Moon is the first Full Moon of Spring! The Pink Moon or also known as the Worm mMoon is the 4th full moon of the calendar year. Hiking under a full moon can be a powerful way to connect with ones-self, the earth, and others. Additionally, it can be a magical time of cleansing, setting new intentions, and releasing that which feels heavy.


Join us on April 5th for a beginner friendly Full Moon hike! We will hit the trail at 6:30pm and enjoy the beauty of the mountains + connection with other like-minded Women! As the sun sets and the moon rises we will pause for a quick activity. On our way back we will break out our headlamps (if needed) and head back to the trail head! We’ll be hiking along a trail that is gently and rated as beginner friendly! 


When: Wednesday April, 5th

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Helena Area (provided with registration) 

Cost: Members: Free / Guests: Free 

Trail Info: Approx. 2.5 miles | Approx. 121ft. elevation gain | Rated as Easy. 


*18+ to register. 

*This is a free social hike and not a guided hike. Participants are responsible for getting to/from the trail and for their personal assessment of difficulty as well as assume all risks associated with hiking with WWO and release the company for any claim of negligence or liability. Participants acknowledge they are personally responsible for being prepared for this hike with necessary items and appropriate clothing/footwear. A suggested packing list is offered but is not an exhaustive list. Participant acknowledges if they leave the group or trail for any reason that they are assuming all incurred risks. See more details on of FAQ's page here. 


*This adventure is subject to cancellation due to weather, participation count, or any other unforeseen circumstances. 


Spring Full Moon Hike

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