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Wild Women takes pride in its unique culture that brings women from a variety of skills, locations and interests together and introduces them to the outdoors. We are all about empowering the WILD inside and bringing out true authenticity.

Wild Women believes that when women come together to learn and grow, they are empowered to go out into the world as a more confident and healthy version of themselves.

We focus on a Mind, Body, Soul approach and connect women with a variety of classes, workshops and adventures that facilitate growth and well-being.


Kelsey Bailey

An “everyday” woman who dreamed of a world where women could connect, explore (both the outside world and the inside), and grow. A place where laughter was given and true friendships were born. Kelsey, in her profession as a Health Coach outside of WWO, helped women everyday. She shared an awareness for the desire of women who were craving community, adventure and connection.

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Montana Girl at heart. Wife to husband and Army Soldier. Mom to 3 blondes. Loves living life outdoors with her family on their mini farm. Values spending time with friends and family, time in nature, Sunday mornings, healthy food, the simple things like a good laugh around the campfire.  Always "in" for a road trip, a hot springs or some live music, better yet, all of them!  "If happiness is the goal- and it should be, then adventures should be a priority." -Richard Branson 


Jennifer lives in Helena, Montana, with her husband of 12 years and 2 daughters. She is a Reiki practioner and loves talking all things energy, mindfulness and meditation, especially with beginners!  She enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, cooking, wine tasting and reading. Her motto for this year in trying to grow and learn is "Become comfortable being uncomfortable!"  

Meet our Ambassadors

Amanda Neater

Kalispell, MT 

A lady entrepreneur and lover of the great outdoors! Amanda and her husband of 12 years have 3 amazing kids! When she's not desiging clothes she is out camping, hiking, hunting and fishing! 

As our rockstar ambassador for Kalispell, Amanda is excited to get out and adventure with you! 

Jen Hirsch


Originally from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, Jen moved to Colorado in 2017 to continue her healing journey and hasn't looked back since! She's learned that happiness comes from within and when you follow your heart to allow your passion to align with your personality, you become unstoppable. 

She has her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy and lives in Morrison, CO with her girlfriend and their 2 fur babies, Scooter and Gray. 

She's Passionate about helping others find their W I L D in the outdoors and through mindful wellness. She's grateful for the stillness that comes with early morning sunrises and coffee, to summit views and wine by night- with all things adventure between. 

Kristen Wokanick

Helena, MT

Hello Wild Women! My names Kristen Wokanick and I'm originally from the east coast. I'm so excited for this opportunity to network with other outdoor enthusiasts and share my knowledge of backpacking and wildlife with you all! I'm a former Appalachian Trail thru hiker, wildlife biologist,  hotshot firefighter and am an all around lover of outdoor adventures! My favorite quote is " if you're going my way, I'll walk with you". Let's go!

Jennifer Lamping

Helena, Montana

Hey Wild Women! My name is Jen and I am so excited to be your retreat ambassador! 

I'm a mom of 3 young men and I'm passionate about growth, spiritual health & wellness, building relationships & fostering a love of the outdoors. 

I am a huge fan of author, speaker & coach Jen Sincero & was lucky enough to be a part of her 8-week coaching program in 2016 when her first You are a Badass book was released...she's amazing! I'm a follower of Mel Robbins and Louise Hay and am learning how to push myself out of my comfort zone bit by bit :) 

I've been organizing events for decades and can't wait to put my skills to use in service of this awesome community! 

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Bozeman, Montana 

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