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Experience your world.


Experience your world.


Hey Wild Woman!


We know what it’s like to have the burning desire to be an adventurous woman but not sure how to connect with her...and you’re longing for adventure, but you’re not sure you have the skills or confidence to set out on something new...

You are not alone...that is exactly why we created Wild Women Outdoors!

There are so many other groups out there focused on JUST adventure, JUST mindfulness, JUST nutrition/wellness... and that's so great! BUT... we believe that being able to combine all three of these into one magnifying experience allows for your inner Wild Woman to come out and create sustainable happiness that leads to the most AUTHENTIC version of you!


This WILD community might be for you if... 

  • You feel like you’re watching life through a window, seeing other women adventuring and living the fun you desire

  • You’re desiring to be part of a community of women who are showing up for themselves and growing

  • You are wanting to get outdoors and explore but you’re scared to start and not sure where to go

  • You feel drawn to the outdoors but you feel self conscious about being a beginner

  • You’re craving that mind body soul connection of inner wellness but you’re sure how to achieve it

  • You're saving wellness tips here, there, and everywhere but would like one virtual box full of resources that includes all of your favorite, meditations, recipes, challenges, meal plans and workshops. 

  • You’re seeking to become the confident and empowered version of you that you know is already within you

You might be saying to yourself...

“Yeah, but I need to be knowledgeable in the outdoors”…

“I don't have all the right gear or clothes” 

“I’ve  never hiked my local trails” 

“I’m just starting out on my wellness journey” 

“I don’t know any other members yet”

Imagine If...

  • You knew exactly where to go to adventure and what you needed…

  • You were marking off hikes on your hiking passport and adventuring regularly with new and old friends. 

  • You were surrounded by like-minded women who craved adventure just as much as you and quickly became your new outdoor besties! 

  • You had new Wild Women friends from all across the country. 

  • You felt confident with adventure safety, trails, and gear. 

  • You were shopping at local merchants using your WWO discount card! 

  • You adventured throughout your days as a confident, motivated and healthier version of yourself. 

  • You were looking forward to and enjoying monthly outdoors talks and classes 

  • You felt empowered to take that next step in adventure and wellness. 

  • You were counting down the days for your next big Wild Women adventure!


We are a community of every day women... just like YOU!


How do we adventure…

  • Epic monthly adventures in Montana, Colorado and Pop up locations! 

  • Virtual education and workshops- join us from anywhere! 

  • Community outreach opportunities

  • Virtual Community via our website and Social Media 

  • Access to outdoor resources, retailer discounts and more! 

  • Free workshops and classes, instruction and ADVENTURES

  • An abundance of fun, community, adventure, friendship and learning

  • Wellness-based offerings include/not limited to:

    • Holistic nutrition

    • Mindfulness/meditations

    • Women’s empowerment speaker/workshops

    • Physical fitness classes

    • And many more!

  • Adventures include/not limited to:

    • Sunrise/sunset hike 

    • Self defense classes

    • Cooking classes 

    • Survival classes 

    • Backpacking

    • Kayaking

    • X-country skiing

    • Yurt trips

    • Ice fishing

    • White water Rafting 

    • Fly fishing

    • Camping 

    • SUP

    • Snow shoe

    • Rock climbing

    • Wilderness first aid 

    • Weekend retreats 

WWO brings a mind, body, soul connection to all of our adventures! 


Q: Do I need to have a membership? 

A: Nope! We do recommend it if you are in the Helena chapter in order to get the best deal but we also offer a pay as you go option!  

Q: What about the members hub?  

A: We've got you covered with a members only forum and resources! As a member you can find this  on our site by clicking the "Members Hub and resources" tab! 

Q: What if I have never hiked before? 

A: We would love for you to join us for your first hike! Our leaders plan out adventures/hikes with beginners in mind and provide detailed information as well as packing list previous to each trip! 


Q: What will I need to participate in adventures? 

A: Wild Women leaders plan adventures with ease for you in mind! We cover as much as possible on all adventures to make it easy for you to jump in and adventure! With every adventure you will receive a detailed packing list of the items you need. 


Q: Will the adventures always be the same seasonally? 

A: No! Our WWO leaders work hard to bring a variety of adventures with each new season! With the expectation, if there are favorite adventures we will work hard to bring those ones back! We always welcome suggestions and adventure ideas!

Q: What if I am new to establishing a wellness practice for myself and feel a little uncomfortable joining in on classes? 

A: We are so proud of you for committing to starting a new wellness practice for yourself and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions! When you feel ready to join in on a class, know there will be other beginners there too! 


Q: What if I don't live in a city where there is already an established Wild Women group? 

A: The WWO virtual community is a great option for you! In addition look for upcoming Summits and retreats that are close to you! Looking to have a retreat or pop-up adventure in your location? We would love to chat with you more! Drop us a note on why your city would be the perfect spot for our next adventure! 


Let's Adventure Wild Woman

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