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Balance or Flow?

Is it Balance or Flow that is the key to life?

Balance - it’s a tricky thing. Some say there’s no such thing as balance, others say it’s the key.

What do you say?

Are you team balance or team go with the flow?

For certain things to exist there has to be balance, like a Cairn. While for other things there has to be flow, like a River.

For me there has to be both. I can’t be so focused on achieving balance that I forget the sweetness of going with the flow. On the other hand, I can’t be so “flowy“ that I in-turn feel out of control.

When we look at a Cairn it’s balance is stacked. Not one rock is the exact same size as the other and if it gets too big or a rock is not stable the whole thing will crash down.

What are the important “rocks“ in your life that help create balance?

A cairn is a marker. A simple stack of rocks that show the way. You often find these on hiking trails. I have them in my kitchen window. While they are a physical symbol of “go this way” they are also a metaphor for keep going.

There isn’t a Cairn that looks exactly like another. Just like a person, every Cairn is uniquely designed and stacked. It takes every single rock to make that Cairn balanced and complete. Just like a person requires unique and specific things to feel balanced and complete.

When we get too concerned with matching our rocks (lives) with other people‘s our balance gets shaky and unstable. But when we slow down and ask ourselves what aligns with the life we want to live we then have the opportunity to build our balance up stronger.

Challenge: Find a handful of rocks and make your own Cairn. Place it in a special place to serve as a reminder that you’re going the right way.

What are your unique needs?

What makes you light up?

What do you need to bring more of in to your life or let go of in order to have more balance?

Inspirational Words:

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” - Jana Kingsford

The backstory…

The story behind the picture

Wild Women made these Cairn‘s during our Montana SnowmobilIng adventure in 2021. It felt good to slow down and ground together with a little art project after a fun and exciting weekend!

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