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Hey Wild Woman! Summer has arrived and it's time to step outside and play! Does  stepping into the backcountry to camp or backpacking have you interested but overwhelmed with where to start? Are you nervous of all the unknowns? You are not alone and infact those of us who adventure in the backcountry were all begginers at one point too! It can be intimidating with all of the gear sourching, location finding, trip planning, food preparing, wildlife safety , etc.. BUT IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE! We are here to help you along, whether it be on a trip with WWO or with friends, this workshop is for you! 


Join us for an in person and hands on workshop on planning, packing, and embarking on outdoor adventures. We’ll cover all the logistics from locating and selecting campgrounds/campsites and navigating the backcountry to packing/preparing for your trip, rules/regulations governing camping in our public lands and finding resources for wildlife education and MORE. 


We’ll get you started with everything you need to know to make your next backcountry  experience a success! A gift for the backcountry will be provided to each participant! Grab a friend and don't miss this workshop! It's ok if you have done a trip or two already there is still value to gain from this workshop and of course lot's of fun to be had with Wild Women friends!


When:  June 14th @7:00 pm 

Where: Helena, MT (TBA with registration. Will be outdoors weather permitting

Cost: Members Free/ Non-Members $15- Includes packet and Outdoor Gift


At Wild Women Outdoors our number one priority is to bring women together through the outdoors! No matter what fitness level or experience level you are… all you need is your "right now self" and the courage to try something new! We foster a welcoming and empowering environment that encourages women to step outside of their comfort zone and into adventure! With a group of women who are cheering you on and truly have your back, you can do anything! We would love for you to come see why other women, just like YOU, are feeling a boost in confidence and deeper connection with self after spending time with our community outdoors! 


18+ to register 



*Participants are responsible for getting to/from the trail and for their personal assessment of difficulty as well as assume all risks associated with hiking with WWO and release the company for any claim of negligence or liability. Participants acknowledge they are personally responsible for being prepared for this hike with necessary items and appropriate clothing/footwear. A suggested packing list is offered but is not an exhaustive list. Participant acknowledges if they leave the group or trail for any reason that they are assuming all incurred risks. See more details on of FAQ's page here. 


*Non-Refundable within 24 hours of the event. For all refund requests please email at least 24 hours before start time of event. Refunds will be returned using the same payment method you purchased with. Refunds may take up to 3-5 business days to be fully returned. WWO is not responsible for any additional fees with PayPal transactions. 


*This adventure is subject to cancellation due to weather, participation count, or any other unforeseen circumstances. A refund will be issued and an attempt to reschedule will be made. 


WWO reserves the right to cancel any participant's registration if deemed necessary.


Backpacking 101 Workshop

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