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Update: Opening @ 5pm mst on 1/1/24

Hey Wild Woman! Are you looking for the ultimate outdoor hub yourself or another Wild Woman in your life? We have just the one! Mark your calendars for January 2024 and get ready to unleash your inner Wild Woman! Whether you are a novice explorer who wants to experience the outdoors or an experienced adventurer, our online course library is designed to provide you access to valuable resources and engaging training by experts in the field, specifically for the Wild Woman, right at your fingertips! Complete courses and receive certificates!


Get ready to soak up tips from the pros on everything wild and wonderful, from snacking on the right grub to building a fire, to wild safety, and more. You'll get all the juicy details on planning your next big adventure, identifying every plant and animal you come across, and even finding your zen while meditating in the great outdoors.Best of all, you can access our exclusive lifestyle coaching and The Confident Wild Woman mindset strategies.


Our course library includes a range of topics, such as: - How-to guides - Logistics and planning - Nutrition and fitness - Mindset and confidence - Lifestyle coaching - Plant identification - Animal track identification - Weather safety - Trail etiquette - Meditations -Journal prompts - Recipes - Money mindset - International adventure planning- and more!Join us and take advantage of our courses to enhance your outdoor skills and knowledge!


This is a living space so there is always new content being added and with our Wild Women community chat you always have access to this awesome community of Wild Women... NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED!


Purchase your access January 1st! You will be one of the first to access this all new and user friendly course hub!

Still curious.... Read more here!


Non-refundable. Course access begins 1/01/24. An email will be sent with access code info. Please email WWO reserves the right to terminate any participants access at anytime. 18+ to access.

Virtual Outdoor Courses + Community

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